[Wine] Wine and games

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 14:04:30 CDT 2007

I can confirm that in FreeBSD 6.2 using wine 0.9.35 World of Warcraft
gets Very low frame rates (3fps - 10fps) with good hardware like a
Nvidia 6800 GT ultra.

and we are using the DisabledExtentions registry tweak.

Sam Fourman Jr.

On 4/22/07, Lengyel Sándor <slengyel at chello.hu> wrote:
> Till and including wine 0.9.31 wine was becoming better and better playing
> games.
> (For example Ages of empires, and Mask of eternity.)
> from 0.9.31 problems arise. I can say for sure that Ages of Empires and Mask
> of eternity does not run on gentoo amd64 (Running as a 32 bit program) with
> wine 0.9.35. (It runs slow) Mask of Eternity crash immediately. while you can
> start and play the game with 0.9.31, just cannot load saved games.)
> To make sure I installed debian as an i386 mode and wine 0.9.35. Same problem.
> Things are worse than with 9.31.
> I am happy anough with 0.9.31.  Will in latter revisions of wine will improve
> palyin Ages of Empires
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>  Lengyel Sándor
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> S a haza fényre derül. (Kölcsey)
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