[Wine] Ford Tech Serv app does not work

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Apr 22 03:15:39 CDT 2007

Saturday April 21 2007 16:18、David Anderson さんは書きました:
> the app exe ( installed on disk) cannot seem to find
> the cd

	Do you have correct CD-ROM setup in Wine?
	Run winecfg, go to "Drives" tab, choose CD/DVD drive from which you 
installed your application, click "Show Advanced" and set "Type" to CD-ROM 
then click Apply or OK. Please note that some applications check for its CDs 
ONLY drive from which they were installed (this is actually application's bug 
not Wine') but most applications check all your CD-ROM drives (this is 
correct and fortunatelly typical behavior).
        If this doesn't work for you, try to install nocd crack if available. 
If this doesn't help either (for example, there is no nocd hack available) 
you may try CrossOver or even Cedega. Unfortunatelly Cedega is based on very 
old Wine code so it supports much less applications than Wine or CrossOver 
but it include support for copy protections that some applications uses 
(including a lot of games).

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