[Wine] Ford Tech Serv app does not work

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Mon Apr 23 03:51:39 CDT 2007

> "C:\\FORD\\PUBS\\programs\\Guide4\\logiix.exe" : native
> trace:loaddll:MODULE_LoadModule16 Loaded module 
> "C:\\FORD\\PUBS\\programs\\Guide4\\gimage.dll" : native
> ===============
> The GUI  seems not to recognize that the CD *is* loaded.
I would disagree, if it is finding the stuff above. It's not going for
you, and the loaddll trace showed no errors beyond a large number of
native dlls. Is that a 16-bit app? Your chances spiral accordingly.
Is there some copy protection or Something?
It loads a lot of stuff, like it's going to save the world or something.

Did an install complete, or are you running from a CD? I notice a FORD
directory on C: and on F: 
> The f:: drive contents above is the CD itself, but the software does not 
> seem
> to notice it.   Clicking on the 'cancel' button does work  and I could 
> exit the app.
Did you adress the f: drive? Then why should the software ever look

you can try wine f:\\setup.exe (or whatever) 
> (the dlls unloaded not shown here).
> The app just won't do anything useful...

Read the help files or try the FORD support. You may need m$ie or some
other kamikaze app. Remove or rename c:\FORD & run 'f:\\setup.exe' from
the xterm. In my experience, such software goes in a straight line and
if it runs into a problem, stops. No development time - the software is
an afterthought. Ford may help you debug it.

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