[Wine] ActiveX Controls Not Working

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Apr 25 21:40:50 CDT 2007

Sunday April 22 2007 13:22、Quantum Scientific さんは書きました:
> For a month I've been trying to get ActiveX controls working from the
> ToolkitCMA.com site with IE6. Some serious weirdness going on.
>  So now I check what I look like at http://bellsnwhistles.com/bells.html,
> and it informs me that: "The Browser you are using is Microsoft Internet
> Explorer (Mozilla) 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)"
>  Eh no, I check Help|About IE, and it confirms that I am running IE6.  And
> I thought Wine was emulating Win2000; although I can't find a way to check
> this, it does accept and use my Win2000 mfc42.dll. I know BellsNWhistles is
> accurate because it nailed my late-version Konq browser and even properly
> IDed my OS, despite my use of Squid cloaking & header anonymizing.
>  So why is IE6 lying? (I am not using Squid with it)

	If you are using ies4linux then you really using win98 emulation. Please note 
that just running winecfg doesn't change settings of ies4linux setup because 
it is in another prefix. To see or change settings of ie6 with ies4linux you 
should execute:

WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg

	And if course you should copy any dlls to the 
~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/windows/system32/ folder, not 
~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/ .
	If you don't using ies4linux, you really should try. Otherwise you will be 
doing the same work to make work ie6 work well.
	Please note that using win2000 emulation with ie6 don't work very well (but 
of course you should try it, maybe it will work for you). If you really need 
win2000 version just for some websites you will have better luck with any 
filtering proxy, for example - Proxomitron (this is Windows proxy-filter, 
works perfectly under Wine, very stable - no single crash even after many 
months of use during 24 hours every day).
	Both Proxomitron and ies4linux is free to use and download. Of course you can 
use any other filter-proxy to change your browser/system version or even try 
some plug-ing/add-ons to IE which allows that.

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