[Wine] Program entries not working

Poddubchak Sergey serhii.piddubchak at etadirect.com
Fri Apr 27 01:51:23 CDT 2007

Stephen Constantinou wrote:
 > Dear Derek
 > I am very grateful for this suggestion.  I start to get very nervous at
 > this stage as downloading applications and installing them has seldom
 > gone smoothly.  Anything Windows I am fine with but still learning
 > Linux.  Even knowing which file to download confuses me.  Binaries and
 > packages or source archive?  Therefore reading the documentation is
 > pointless as I do not know the basics.
 > For example this web page
 >      http://www.winehq.com/?announce=latest
 > presents me with too many options because I lack the experience to know
 > if I should be downloading
 >   http://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/system/emulators/wine/wine-0.9.35.tar.bz2
 > or
 >   wine-0.9.30-mdk.i586.rpm
 > from the distro specific link.  Which ever one it is I would not know
 > what to do next.

In unix world usually file extensions tar.bz2 or tar.gz or even tar means that
file is just an archive of source code. So, if you a does not have wide
experience in unix or linux you wouldn't need it.

rpm stands for binary package of a program, and you can install it through
RPM packaging system that Mandriva uses for software management.
Then i586 stands for computer architecture this package was built.
mdk says to you that this package was built especially for Mandrake or Mandriva
So finally, this file will be your choise for now. But as you can see, source
package have version of 0.9.35 but rpm one have 0.9.30. Most recent version of
Wine for today is 0.9.35, so you may try to find more recent rpm package for
your system.

I think you can install any rpm file downloaded via some package management
program with graphical interface but i don't know what program Mandriva uses.
Anyway you can try to install it with command like that
for update:
rpm -Uvf /path/to/file.rpm
for fresh install
rpm -ivf /path/to/file.rpm

Maybe there are some other options to rpm command, you can look at
man rpm
or in any FAQ on the Internet.

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