[Wine] Program entries not working

Stephen Constantinou stephanos at writeme.com
Sat Apr 28 13:54:42 CDT 2007

Dear Derek

Thanks again for the input.  Still many questions, but I am keen to 
learn and progress.

Are the files ending tar.bz2 compiled from source ?

If I remove the wine present from my distro (Mandriva) can I install the 
latest version from a tar.bz or does it have to be a distro specific rpm?

If I can do this, do I use the tar command to unpack it, then the
      $ ./configure
      $ make depend
      $ make
      # make install
to install wine?

If the answer to this is yes:
1) can I be in any directory to use these commands
2) which commands are as root?
3  after I have installed wine do I still use “Winecfg” to start 
installing an application then use “wine" command to run the application 
installation process? (wine /mnt/cdrom/autorun.exe to install Paint Shop 
Pro from cd)
4) can I expect entries to be made automatically in Program for me or is 
there something else I should do?

When you know nothing everything is a question

Thank wait to hear

Derek McGowan wrote:
> Stephen
>    I run Suse 10.1, and have added Wine into my Software Update system -
> I had to goto the suse site and search for wine, it gave me instructions
> on how to add Wine to get automatically updated when new versions come
> out.
>   You seem to be in the same boat I am - mainly a Windows guy, and
> starting to delve into the *nix world (I have some Solaris
> Certifications, and have been running Linux for about a year now - but I
> don't have enough time to actually sit at it and figure it out like I
> used to be able to do) - so it might be worth your while to learn
> installing in all three methods ...
>    1) Compiling from source (it's a nightmare for new users, but you
> learn a TON about how *nix functions, and you generally get a better
> build suited for your system).
>    2) Installing from RPM - this is just about as esy as running
> setup.exe - in Suse you simply click on the .rpm file, and the software
> utility opens up and helps you install the package (it also tells you if
> you're missing a prerequisite program).
>    3) Setting up the automatic updates for your Distro - check out
> mandrakes site, they should have instructions for you there ...
> Hope this helps, and welcome to the wonderful world of Linux
> Derek McGowan
> On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 22:15 +0100, Stephen Constantinou wrote:
>> Dear Derek
>> I am very grateful for this suggestion.  I start to get very nervous at 
>> this stage as downloading applications and installing them has seldom 
>> gone smoothly.  Anything Windows I am fine with but still learning 
>> Linux.  Even knowing which file to download confuses me.  Binaries and
>> packages or source archive?  Therefore reading the documentation is 
>> pointless as I do not know the basics.
>> For example this web page
>>       http://www.winehq.com/?announce=latest
>> presents me with too many options because I lack the experience to know 
>> if I should be downloading
>>    http://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/system/emulators/wine/wine-0.9.35.tar.bz2
>> or
>>    wine-0.9.30-mdk.i586.rpm
>> from the distro specific link.  Which ever one it is I would not know 
>> what to do next.
>> Do you mind guiding me through the upgrading step by step?  I realise 
>> that this will take several postings but I am likely to learn from the 
>> experience.
>> Wait to hear
>> Stephen
>> http://www.winehq.com/?announce=latest
>> Derek McGowan wrote:
>>> Hi Stephen ...
>>>    the latest versions of Wine have a utility that should create a menu
>>> item for you in KDE - you should upgrade to the latest version of wine,
>>> then re-install your app.
>>> Derek
>>> On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 19:23 +0100, Stephen Constantinou wrote:
>>>> Dear All
>>>> After various failed attempts at using Wine I have installed this from 
>>>> the Mandriva 2006 DVD.  I have version “Wine 20050725”.
>>>> I have installed Paint Shop Pro as follows:
>>>> As a user I typed: “Winecfg” and when in the configuration programme I 
>>>> went to the Application tab  > Add Application button > browse to the 
>>>> installation executable: “/mnt/cdrom/autorun.exe” > Open button > Select 
>>>> the Windows version of XP.  Press Close button
>>>> With the Configuration program closed and still as a user I typed:
>>>>       “wine /mnt/cdrom/autorun.exe”
>>>> and followed the installation instructions.
>>>> After installation I managed to run Paint Shop Pro by using File Manager 
>>>> and navigating my way via the hidden directory:
>>>> “/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Jasc Software Inc/Paint Shop Pro 7/PSP.exe”
>>>> which I double clicked.
>>>> I assume I should be able to install an icon somewhere in “Program”. 
>>>> With “Program” running I press File >  New > then put a dot in Progam, 
>>>> Press  OK.  Nothing happens.
>>>> I cannot find anything about this on the 
>>>> http://www.winehq.com/site/docs/wineusr-guide/index tutorial website.
>>>> Any advice on how to make an entry for starting the application without 
>>>> having to navigate my way through File Manager is welcome.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Stephen
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