[Wine] Fruity Loops

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Aug 1 11:48:36 CDT 2007

	Can you provide a link where application in question can be downloaded 
(either demo or full version)?

On Wednesday August 1 2007 16:34, Travis Forghani wrote:
> With Winetricks, Fruity Loops seems to be working well.  The only thing
> that is not working right now is the packs.  I can't figure out why the
> packs aren't working.  If I click on the bass pack, it produces sound;
> if I click on one of the choir packs, no sound is produced.  Linux reads
> the bass pack as pcm encoded.  Linux isn't able to read all the packs
> that aren't working.  I know that wav is a wrapper but if the bass pack
> is wav and the choir packs are wav then why is it that Linux can play
> the bass pack but not the choir packs?  If Movie Player can play wav,
> then shouldn't it be able to play all wav files?  I even tried
> installing all the gstreamer plugins to see if this would help solve the
> problem; it didn't.  I also tried installing RealPlayer and setting up
> the packs to be played with Realplayer.  The reason I tried installing
> the gstreamer plugins and Realplayer was to see if FL Studio relies on
> the codecs that are installed with WMP.  I guess not.  Can someone who
> knows more about WINE install FL 7 and test it to find out why the Packs
> are not working?  I've already checked the registry in WINE and compared
> it to the Registry in Win XP and they are exactly the same.  I also
> compared the directory structures and they are the same.

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