[Wine] Dead keyboard

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Mon Aug 6 18:04:19 CDT 2007

	Is there a demo for your program available?
	Also please attach your full terminal output. If your don't know how then try 

	1) Run any X terminal you like.
	2) Then cd to the directory where your program intalled and where its main 
executable file is placed.
	3) Run "wine program.exe &> log.txt"
	4) Try to type some characters, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
	5) Close your program.
	6) That's it. You have the log.

	You also may want to run "wine program.exe" without redirecting its output to 
a file just to see yourself does WINE prints something to the shell when you 
try to type from your keyboard some keys or shortcuts.

On Monday August 6 2007 17:57, Jose Young wrote:
> I sent this in a few days ago, but since nothing showed up, will try again.
> I recently installed a program I need for work in wine on Ubuntu 7.
> The program is Coral Ventura Publisher. It is not on the "prepared"
> list, so I realized it could have problems.
> The installation went well, the program loads, but I have a couple of
> problems before I can use it.
> The most critical is a dead keyboard. The mouse works fine, and all
> functions like load files, select fonts, etc. work well using the
> mouse. In other words, the program is almost usable. Though I have a
> couple other problems, with this I could use it.
> So what should I do, or look for? Or should I just forget about it?
> Thanks from a fairly new user of Linux and a zero user of wine up to
> now.
> José
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