[Wine] Counterstrike Source, Gold Status?

Julius Junghans julius.junghans at gmx.de
Tue Aug 7 12:35:33 CDT 2007

On Monday 06 August 2007 18:13:59 edb wrote:
> On Sunday 29 July 2007 17:27, Julius Junghans wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > im a fan of this game for quite some time now besides the community its a
> > really nice time killer.
> > After reading the wine app db entry it should run well, but it doesnt. It
> > almost immediately drops below 30fps if something happens.
> > Yes it looks almost like the windows version, the ingame font looks
> > different. But whats the point if you cant win any fight?
> >
> > Ive used the latest wine on gentoo and ubuntu(fresh install), my
> > hardware: x2 3800+, 2gb ram, nvidia 8600gt
> > In windows it breaks down to 70fps which is acceptable (16 players, big
> > fight) remember - in wine it took "something" to drop below 30 which is
> > nearly nothing...for example if you respawn with the others its already
> > lagging.
> >
> > Just in case somebody tries to play it with wine - not possible.
> > And if you run in someone from l***x-g****s - well, you can believe them
> > and waste your time or you dont.
> I appreciate your frustration that you were unable to run or play the game
> as well as you'd have liked, and whilst things aren't perfect yet, you're
> welcome to avail yourself of the documentation on that appdb page
> ( http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=3731 ) or to ask other
> players (like me!) for help here, or better still there, where maybe the
> largest number(?) of prospective players will see it.
> It's more than "possible" to play Counter-Strike: Source through Wine,
> though. "Not possible" is just counter-true, and a bit misleading for other
> users. :p
> Regards.

Thx for your help, but ive tried a lot of things. If it works for you, 


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