[Fwd: Re: [Wine] Dead keyboard]

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Aug 7 19:22:36 CDT 2007

On Tuesday August 7 2007 21:46, Jose Young wrote:
> Hmmm... I can see there is something I missed. I did not run into
> "wineboot" when I was figuring out how to use wine, so I have not run
> it. Should I?  How?

	Well, running wineboot sometimes creates missing icons for your. This is in 
fact simalation of Windows reboot. It is recommended to run wineboot after 
each new installation of Windows program.
	Just type this in any X terminal:


	...And prest Enter key. You may need to wait up to few minutes while it 
completes its work. In practive it will done much faster.

	If you ask me how frequently I run wineboot, I tell you that I even don't 
remember when I last time actually have used it... It was monts ago and just 
for testing. Howerer, I frequently install Windows applications.
	This is of course against recommendation above but hey, I do not use these 
fancy clickable icons to run my programs anyway. In other words: if you care 
about this, you should obey recommendation above and run wineboot after each 
successful installation of Windows program. Of course it isn't always 
necessary. For example if you think you already have all shortcust you need 
from your program in the menu - you don't need to run it. If you don't then 
you can try to run it and it may (or may not) help.

> The easiest thing would be to have the program in the Applications list.
> What wine did was put an entry for Ventura 10, but it does not list the
> program itself but 4 utilities. I had installed an earlier version of
> Ventura (10 is an upgrade that will only install if the other is there),
> and it is listed and works.
> So I guess one posibility would be to use the Ventura 8 listing, and
> modify it to run 10... but I will need a suggestion as to where editing
> can be done. I have poked around, but suspect it must be done in the
> Terminal.

	Yes, it can be done using the shell but I doubt you want this. It is probably 
will be simplier for you to use your GUI. Here is the instruction how to 
create an launcher/shortcut:


	And this one about how to create menu entries:


	Few useful hints:

	1) You can just copy and paste two lines I have gave you to "Command" field 
when creating new launcher. But of course you need to concatenate these two 
lines into one. This is very simple. First, paste first command (first line) 
then type ";" (without quotes) and then paste the second one. You're done.
	2) If you have edited /etc/bash.bashrc as I have suggested then you can just 
add this one simple and short command to your corresponding launcher' 
field: "bash -ic ventura" (without quotes).

	Please note that I'm using KDE so I very little about GNOME. However if you 
still cannot figure out something feel free to ask me for help, even with 
GNOME, I will do my best in order to help you.

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