[Wine] Problem on installing MS VM on wine

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Aug 11 08:54:29 CDT 2007

On Friday August 10 2007 04:12, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi L. Rahyen,
> - snip -
> > 	Yeah, I understand, you want to run msjava with IEs. OK, I will try
> > to help.
> > First, try the following in X terminal (as an simple user, NOT as
> > root):
> >
> > mv ~/.wine ~/.wine.backup
> > wine msjavx86b3805.exe
> > wine MSJavWU_8073687b82d41db93f4c2a04af2b34d.exe
> >
> > 	 Above commands assume you have both these executables in your
> > current
> > directory. Please note that you should run these executable only like
> > this
> > (from current directory) and not from any other directory.
> > 	Just copy/paste above commands in your X terminal without changing
> > anything
> > in them. They should work for you as they are. Especially pay
> > attention to
> > the first one: if it will complain about permissions, fix this.
> On Terminal as user:-
> $ mv /home/satimis/.wine /home/satimis/.wine.backup
> $ wine msjavx86b3805.exe
> wine: creating configuration directory '/home/satimis/.wine'...
> .....
> start "Miscorsoft VM"
> [yes]
> Accept licence
> "The Microsoft virtual machine your are attempting to install is
> protected system component and can only be updated with a later release
> of the operating system or service pack"
> [OK]
> "The installation is complete"
> [OK]
> wine: '/home/satimis/.wine' created successfully.
> $ wine MSJavWU_8073687b82d41db93f4c2a04af2b34d.exe
> start "Microsoft VM"
> "Would you like to install the Microsoft"
> [Yes]
> Accept licence
> "This setup will only upgrade over an existing version of the Microsoft
> VM"
> [OK]
> returned to command prompt on Terminal
> Installation went through w/o complaint.
> Started IE6
> Tools -> Advanced -> Settings;
> only
> Java (Sun)
> Use Java 2v1.4.2_12 for <applet> (requires restart)
> there
> What does it mean?  No MS VM found?

	ies4linux install IE to non-default WINEPREFIX. If you did installation of 
msjava exactly as I have suggested without exporting WINEPREFIX environment 
variable then it is expected result - IE from non-standard WINEPREFIX (most 
likely ~/.ies4linux/ie6) will not find msjava installed in standard 
WINEPREFIX (that's ~/.wine).
	See below how to solve this problem.

	Before you continue, please make sure you have latest WINE installed - that's 
0.9.43! You may try with older version too but in case of any problems before 
asking for farther help make sure you have latest version. No one will 
support old WINE versions!

> > If this works with clean WINE, I can suggest you how to duplicate
> > installation of msjava from clean WINEPREFIX to any other WINEPREFIX
> >
> > (including one created by ies4linux) without doing actual
> > installation there.
> > In this way you will be able to (hopefully) run msjava and ies in one
> >
> > WINEPREFIX. Of course
> Could you please explain in more detail?  Tks.

	Yes, of course. You have two ways to do this:

	1) This is simplest and fastest way (at least in my opinion).
	Use wine-double-install to copy all changed files and registry entries after 
msjava installation from clean WINEPREFIX to WINEPREFIX with IE.
	I have attached wine-double-install script to this message. You need to 
install it like this on your system:

chmod +x wine-double-install
sudo cp wine-double-install /usr/local/bin/

	Now you ready to use it. In your particular case you should run it like this:

rm -rf ~/.wine-tmp
wine-double-install -s ~/.wine-tmp -d /.ies4linux/ie6 \
msjavx86b3805.exe \

	This will install both files with clean WINE (it is important here that 
directory given with -s option doesn't exist so new WINEPREFIX will be 
created) and then will copy all changes in filesystem and registry from clean 
WINE to WINE with IE. If installation with clean WINE was OK then you should 
have now msjava in WINEPREFIX with IE.
	If this script will work fine for you don't forget to tell me about this! I 
never tested it on other machines. Thanks.

	2) You can turn off temporaly all native overrides in order to install msjava 
within ies4linux's WINEPREFIX (this assumes installation works fine with 
clean WINE). This is not stricly equivalent of installation with clean WINE 
so if it doesn't work try first way.

> > if installation doesn't work even with clean
> > WINE you
> > should report this to http://bugs.winehq.org .
> Shall I report the bug?

	If installation of msjava went fine with clean WINE - no. If msjava doesn't 
work with clean WINE - yes (but of course you must find a way to test it 
without IE because IE cannot work with clean WINE yet). If you unsure, feel 
free to ask me.

	I want to say that I never tried msjava so I have no idea how well it will 
work with WINE.

> B.R.
> Stephen

	(Please don't forget to reply to the list so others can see our discussion.)
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