[Wine] Problem on installing MS VM on wine

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Mon Aug 13 18:34:54 CDT 2007

	(resending this to the list again because first message has been sent about 6 
hours ago and still not here)

On Monday August 13 2007 16:14, Austin English wrote:
> Wouldn't it be much easier to install ies4linux, then symlink to .wine?
> rm -rf .ies4linux .wine
> ./ies4linux
> ln -s .ies4linux .wine

	This isn't simpler and even worse: this is WRONG and will not work. My way 
requires only ONE command if user have ies4linux (correctly) installed. 
	Your way needs a lot more commands (in order to really work in this 
particular case), hacking of ies4linux script (otherwise it will install 
everything before you have a chance to install something with clean wine), 
destroys normal .wine directory (I see no point in this step, better to use 
WINEPREFIX environment variable pointing to ies4linux installation but this 
will not work because msjava needs to be installed with clean WINEPREFIX - 
and this is exactly why user ask help here) and require full reinstallation 
of ies4linux and all programs in special sequence, i.e. msjava cannot be 
installed after ies4linux installation. And there is not possibility to add 
more programs via clean WINE to ies4linux installation so this way doesn't 
worth an effort.
	My script give such possibility, and it is just a matter of just one simple 
command (if ies4linux correctly installed in home directory).
	As I have noted before in my messages, there is other alternative way 
availabe (and I described it) but it requires some manual work (in fact ANY 
alternative to my script, reliable or not will require advanced manual 
actions - and this is exactly why I have created this script: in order to 
make everything simple and automatic).

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