[Wine] Maybe OT - problems with Steam

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Tue Aug 14 02:47:43 CDT 2007

  We have problems with running games, regularly purchased from Valve, under
Steam running on wine (a lot of versions tested, now we are on a current
git tree). We are unsure, whether this can be a wine problem, and we don't
have any possibility to test it with real windoze. I would like to ask,
whether the symptoms described below are known and what to fix to make the
games usable.
  There are generally two problems.
  First one is that Steam client can't remember, that the user really owns
the games. Everytime it is started, it shows them as "preloaded" but it
offers to Purchase instead of Launch. To let it refresh its memory, we've
developed the following procedure:
  1) In the Steam settings, storing the user credentials on the local machine
     has to be disabled.
  2) An attempt is then made to go offline.
  3) The Steam then complains, that the credentials should be locally stored.
     It is allowed to do so.
  4) The Steam then refreshes the "user ticket" and all the games appear as
     "Ready" and launchable. It's not necessary to go really offline then.
     When done, it doesn't help either.
  But then, the second problem occurs.
  When the game is actually launched, it refuses to run with a message like
"No permissions to run 'cstrike'" or "This application is not subscribed for
this account" and similar. The only games which really start are HL2 and HL:
Source. They are running perfectly.
  The purchase process was performed using Paypal. There was a trick that
when the process had to be finished, there was an URL steam://paypal/return
to be followed. We solved it by entering this URL as a parameter to a newly
started Steam.exe. It told the original Steam about it and the original one
seemed happy, finishing the transaction. Maybe this step partially failed,
causing all the troubles ?
  Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  With regards,
           Pavel Troller

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