[Wine] Problem on installing MS VM on wine

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Aug 14 09:03:23 CDT 2007

On Tuesday August 14 2007 12:57, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi L. Rahyen,
> $ wine_double_install -s ~/.wine-tmp -d /.ies4linux/ie6 \
> ...
> Still Permission problem.  One thing I can't understand that the
> directory /.ies4linux is already there?  Why it needs to create it?

	It doesn't. It just do what *you* have said it to do. You again gave to -d 
option wrong parameter "/.ies4linux/ie6". It should be "~/.ies4linux/ie6". 
Maybe it is a problem with copy/paste in your mail client? If you cannot copy 
and paste "~" symbol correctly then try this command (I assume that your home 
directory is /home/satimis):

wine_double_install -s /home/satimis/.wine-tmp \
-d /home/satimis/.ies4linux/ie6 \
msjavx86b3805.exe \

	If you see any permission problem don't waste your time for doing "full 
cycle". Script (or any other actions including manual ones) will not work 
while you have problems with permissions or trying to use wrong directory 
("/.ies4linux/ie6" instead of "~/.ies4linux/ie6" 
or  "/home/satimis/.ies4linux/ie6").

	Remember, my script should be the only command you need (if there is no 
problem with permissions or typos in the command itself like in your case).

> $ ls -al ~/.ies4linux
> ...
> "/drive_c/windows" are not there.  Shall I create them?  What shall be
> their owner and permission?

	First I want to note your bad habit to use leading "/" ("/drive_c/windows") 
to refer to current directory. This is wrong. In Linux leading "/" always 
refer to root directory. If you want to refer to current directory you should 
use either full path or leading "./" or nothing (for 
example "/drive_c/windows" or "drive_c/windows"). I think that because of 
this bad habit you did the same mistake twice by providing wrong parameter to 
the -d option (with leading "/" instead of "~/").
	What about your question. No, you shouldn't because drive_c should be in ie6, 
ie5 and other directories which are actual WINEPREFIXes. So everything is OK 

	Just copy/paste the command I gave you above without changing anything there, 
it should work.

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