[Wine] Network Settings in Wine

Vivek R jiggy_vivek at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 13:14:10 CDT 2007

Hi! I'm using Slackware 11 and Wine 0.9.40. The
problem is, Wine is not detecting my network settings,
though it(Internet) works fine in my Slack. i can
access the entire network (Company's), see the sambha
shares in my slack, but when i try to run "ipconfig"
or "ping", i got an error saying it was trying to user
ICMP and this would not work unless used as root. Even
when i open Notepad or any other Windows App in Wine,
i can't save or open a file which is on the network,
simply because i can't see the Network. I do not want
to use smbmount to access my windows folders, i just
want to be able to access the entwork like in windows
or linux through wine, can you please help me/telle me
how to configure this ?

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