[Wine] Network Settings in Wine

John Chapman arafangion at fussycoder.id.au
Fri Aug 17 02:43:08 CDT 2007

On Thu, 16 Aug 2007 11:14:10 -0700 (PDT)
Vivek R <jiggy_vivek at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi! I'm using Slackware 11 and Wine 0.9.40. The
> problem is, Wine is not detecting my network settings,
> though it(Internet) works fine in my Slack. i can
> access the entire network (Company's), see the sambha
> shares in my slack, but when i try to run "ipconfig"
> or "ping", i got an error saying it was trying to user
> ICMP and this would not work unless used as root. Even
> when i open Notepad or any other Windows App in Wine,
> i can't save or open a file which is on the network,
> simply because i can't see the Network. I do not want
> to use smbmount to access my windows folders, i just
> want to be able to access the entwork like in windows
> or linux through wine, can you please help me/telle me
> how to configure this ?
> Thanks!

Wine Is Not (an) Emulator.

This means that it cannot run windows - it /is/ windows as far as your
end-user applications are concerned.

This means that you should not use your windows boot as a 'fake
windows', but instead install applications properly and use them.

It does not require, nor does it work with, an existing windows

NEVER, EVER run wine as root!

Instead of ipconfig,  you should use the linux equivalent of ifconfig,
though that is now being phased out in favour of the 'ip' command.

I hope that helps.

(As for 'browsing shares like windows', I would probably suggest taking
advantage of nautilus or konquerer, via Garnome or KDE respectively,
or consider other gui tools instead.)

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