[Wine] Re: wine and networking

Vivek R jiggy_vivek at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 12:22:44 CDT 2007

>Wine Is Not (an) Emulator.
 yup i know that :)
>This means that it cannot run windows - it /is/
>windows as far as your
>end-user applications are concerned.
 no issues with that
>This means that you should not use your windows boot
>as a 'fake
>windows', but instead install applications properly
>and use them.
 i usually run a setup of all my windows app in wine
and then run it. hope m on the right path :)
>It does not require, nor does it work with, an
>existing windows

>NEVER, EVER run wine as root!
 NEVER do :)

>Instead of ipconfig,  you should use the linux
>equivalent of ifconfig,
>though that is now being phased out in favour of >the
'ip' command.

>I hope that helps.

>(As for 'browsing shares like windows', I would
>probably suggest taking
>advantage of nautilus or konquerer, via Garnome or
>KDE respectively,
>or consider other gui tools instead.)
Sir, issue is not with using konquerer or any other
gui tool, i can access the network in my Slackware,
but my Wine cannot detect these network settings. i
did the 'ipconfig' command just to check if my wine
detected any network( just trying some cheap hacks :)
). i read somewhere that wine should be made to point
to the underlying Linux network settings and somewhere
else that wine detects these network settings
automatically, im really confused ! 
ive seen my Boss access the entire network in Wine, so
i know its possible, just wanted to know how to do
to make it short, i want Wine to be able to access
other machines on the network, not my linux, my linux
can already do that. i dont want to use samba either.

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