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Wed Aug 29 14:41:15 CDT 2007


I am trying to your wine with sipXecs.  We are testing Cisco ATA-186.  When we attempt to update the ATA software via sipX we send a text file to the sipX server but it needs to be convert from a text file into a binary via the cfgfmt.exe tool

I installed sipX and wine on the same box and used wine config tool to point or grab the tool.  Wine puts it or a copy of it in the system32 folder.  But the tool needed to be put in the folder that sipX expects it to be in, which is not the c: drive of wine.

I have install wine from source code this time but had installed it via a RPM.  The RPM version worked but later stopped.  This lead me to install the source code.  

Having a Windows file system on liinux is new to be.

Is there a way to create a symbolic link from the sipXecs's folder to point to the cfgfmt tool in the c: wine folder?  I'm on a linux Centos5 box.

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