[Wine] .NET programs

David Mohr damailings at mcbf.net
Mon Dec 10 21:14:23 CST 2007

On Dec 10, 2007 8:07 PM, Travis Forghani <travis at bowmanent.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> How can I get programs written using .NET 2.0 to work in WINE?  I've
> read online about some sort of (seems unstable) bridging btwn WINE and
> MONO.  I installed MONO, but couldn't figure out how to tell WINE to use
> it.  I looked for tutorials, but couldn't find any.  Is there any other
> solutions (I prefer not to have to install the official .NET 2.0)?

You can use mono to run .net programs, this has nothing to do with
wine. You'd need wine if you wanted to use the official .net version,
would be my guess.


> --
> sincerely,
> Travis Forghani

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