[Wine] exporting registry to Wine

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Tue Dec 18 13:10:24 CST 2007

Main reason to run "native": No longer have distribution, license keys, or 
installation does not work in Wine.

Another reason to install additionally in  Wine: So as not to disrupt .ini 
files with options that may be largely not compatible!

Need for native Windows registry--the only one I can think of is license keys 
are often placed there and if I cannot reinstall from scratch... Another
idea might be that certain dlls need be registered to be used and that data is 
there--examples are DirectX plugins (which probably would not work in Wine 

I have had little problems running native installations in Wine. Indeed, any 
buggy behavior I found existed both ways. I would not expect Wine to 
explicitely support running native installations but this is in fact a test 
of its capabilities. To simply flame anyone who tries it is also not the best 
practice. The information is useful.

BTW, emulator virtual machines will not support running off or duplicating 
native windows installations. Windows installs for the hardware at hand and 
the real hardware is not necessarily related to the emulated hardware (Only 
Parallels on an Intel-Mac can do this). VirtualBox has problems with Win98 
and must provide its own faked hardware (they call it "guest additions"--they 
have none for Win98) to run other Windows correctly. Qemu fakes more or less 
standard hardware for which Windows has drivers.

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