[Wine] Scripting help please

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Dec 19 19:35:13 CST 2007

On Wednesday December 19 2007 22:06, Steve Adams wrote:
> I too am having the same issue with AxCrypt in Wine and would
> appropriate an eloquent script to drop the linux portion of the path.
> Was anyone successful in a better script?

	I have attached package with scripts that I use with AxCrypt. Save and unpack 
attachment and make sure to read ./INSTALL file before launching it.

	This is a feature-list of my script package:

        1) User is able to encrypt and decrypt file(s) with AxCrypt by
selecting them first (as usually) and then choosing wanted action in
right-click menu. All files are processed individually.
        2) Both system-wide and user-wide installations should work 
(read ./INSTALL file before executing it).
        3) You can expect it to work in Konqueror, Nautilus and command-line.
        4) Main script is template-like (that is you can easily change it by
editing its settings).
        5) Directories will be processed recursively by crypting/decrypting 
each file individually. Directories themselves will be untouched.
	6) Timeout for "Remember passphrase" feature in AxCrypt. I think this 
improves security. Of course user have ability to change timeout as he/she 
wish or even turn it off if it isn't needed (in this case AxCrypt may 
remember passprase for unlimited time, this is native program behavior).

	The only package you might need to install additionally is perl (without it 
scripts will not work).

	In case of any problems with installation or use of my scripts let me know.
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