[Wine] Include to wine directxd3d

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Feb 3 01:21:33 CST 2007

Friday February 2 2007 19:52、あなたは書きました:
> And other thing, how i use the OSS plugins with Wine, i don't know which i
> use, and i was testing Cedega, this have good sound, but Wine with the same
> Game, have problems with sound, bad quality.
> Thanks Again

	Yes, sometimes Wine (but fortunately not very often) has problems with sound. 
You can try to change your audio plug-in settings using winecfg but it is 
unlikely that this helps (but sometimes it helps, so you can try). First make 
sure that you have "Default Bits Per" set to 16, "Hardware Acceleration" to 
Full and "Driver Emulation" turned off (this is especially imprtant, if you 
have it turned on sound quality will be very bad).
	Cedega has less problems with sound but it is generally much slower than Wine 
and most games do not even install and even if you install them in Wine, 
import all registry changes to Cedega it is very unlikely that game will 
work. In fact almost only games that work under Cedega is ones that are 
officially supported or at least has been reported to work somewhere. In 
other words, most games fail to run under Cedega or work very bad even old 
ones (Killer Tank is an example: under Wine works perfectly, under cedega it 
works with a lot of bugs and visual artifacts). So if you need even better 
quality product than Wine I recommend you to try CrossOver: 
http://www.codeweavers.com/ . But you shouldn't think that CrossOver is 
always better than Wine because it has relatively old codebase (for example 
Heroes 3 works perfectly under Wine but are unplayable under CrossOver).

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