[Wine] Include to wine directxd3d

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Feb 3 13:35:30 CST 2007

Saturday February 3 2007 16:20、あなたは書きました:
> ok, thanks, but where i find "Default Bits Per" set to 16?

	Really, you havn't it. You also havn't "Defaul Sample Rate" option (typically 
I set 44100 there). Try to execute following commands (you can just copy/ 
paste them to your console, they are harmless):

mkdir ~/.wine.RTgfWQ
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine.RTgfWQ wineprefixcreate
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine.RTgfWQ winecfg

	If you see this options now than your current .wine directory is too old and 
you may want to install all your programs to fresh one. Please note that this 
isn't necessary mean that your programs will work any better, it does mean 
that it is may possible that some of your programs may work better in 
fresh .wine directory.
	If you still don't see these options than this means that Wine can't change 
them for some reason and therefore hides them. If so then don't pay attention 
to these options at all.

> i don't have Alsa now, there a manually form to set
> Alsa again?

	All (good) kernels have it compilied in and it should work if your card is 
supported. If you compiled the kernel yourself then you should know how to 
add support for it otherwise you shouldn't touch the kernel. Of course it is 
possible that your distribution have "bad" kernel - then you should find good 
one or compile it yourself (if you don't know how Google is your friend; you 
also can use external ALSA modules instead of recompiling the kernel).
	ALSA gives somewhat better sound in whole system (at least in my case). But 
in winecfg you should use OSS. You can try ALSA too but it has some bugs and 
you unlikely to get better sound in Wine with it.
	Don't confuse ALSA and OSS support in winecfg with ALSA and OSS in the 
kernel. This is different things. For example, if you use the ALSA then you 
will use it even if you choose OSS in winecfg.

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