[Wine] Launching a windows executable so it's available to another .exe

Daniel Dickinson cshore at wightman.ca
Sat Feb 3 20:09:12 CST 2007

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I have just successfully launched Printmaster Gold Version 3 (for Window
3.1 or 95; wine configured as Windows 2000) using version 0.9.30 on
Xubuntu Edgy (with updates) with the following caveat: Printmaster must
be launched twice because on first launch the following error dialog
appears: 'Cannot initialize 16 bit thunk server PMWTHUNK.EXE' which is
executable in C:\\pmw, the default install location for this version of

Saving works in 0.9.30 but didn't in 0.9.22 (the version of wine in
Edgy).  Printing worked in 0.9.22 and continues to do so.

Is there a way to launch PMWTHUNK.EZE so that when I do wine
C:\\pmw\\PMW.EXE (the main executable) pmwthunk.exe can be seen by pmw.exe?

All in all I'm impressed; I remember the bad old days when wine was much
more limited in its capabilities, and hadn't tried it again until today.

Once I know whether the error message on first launch is just something
that has to be lived with for now, or if there is a way to eliminate it
I will submit an report to the application database.


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