[Wine] Re: Wine on Solarix 10 x86

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Feb 4 17:50:10 CST 2007

Amit Kotlovski wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I'm trying to get wine to run on Solaris 10 on an x86 platform. The 
> machine is actually a virtual one running inside VMWare.
> After installing the Solaris, I installed the latest wine package from 
> "The Solaris Wine Cellar" (http://www.blastwave.org/wine/). Their latest 
> package is 0.9.25 .
> For the program I am trying to run I need to have DCOM installed.
> I managed to get the DCOM installer to run, but only under the root 
> user. When I run it from a non-root user it fails miserably. Wine also 
> does not create the ~/.wine folder

You need to find out why. DCOM should install fine as a regular use; at 
least it does under Linux. Wine may not even work when run as root.

> ...
> It may have something to do with a couple of folders I have in /root:
> .wine-7GLNQe
> .wine-Pphs2I
> .wine-vSmU6i

I believe those are created when you try to run Wine while there are old 
defunct wine processes around. However, don't run Wine as root.

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