[Wine] re: VB, Access based program on Linux

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Feb 6 07:39:25 CST 2007

Neelesh wrote:
>I work in one public charitable trust. Here we are using one
>Accounting+Inventory+Report management Program. Two developers have
>developed in VB, Access and Crystal Reports.
>Now I am trying to use it through wine on linux. (As we dont have enough
>money to redevelop that.)
>But after running that .exe I am getting error that ActiveX Component can
>not create object. 429

Hi Neelesh,
Wine is not yet quite ready to support applications like
yours.  There are still a few problems in our COM support.

If you want to help us get Wine ready for
VB/Access applications, you could send a Wine
developer a copy of your application so he could
look at the problems locally.  I'd be happy to take
a first look.
- Dan

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