[Wine] How to use apps and DLLs from XP partition?

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 08:08:38 CST 2007

I have a Dell Latitude D600 with Windows XPsp2 on the first partition
and Ubuntu Feisty (Linux kernel 2.6.20) with Wine 0.9.30 on the second
partition, set up to dual-boot. The XP share is NTFS and mounted
read-only for Linux.

What I want to do is run my Windows apps from the XP partition under
Wine, because I really hate using Windows.

A lot of the apps seem to ask for DLLs they can't find. Is there any
way to point Wine at the DLLs on the XP share? Genuine Microsoft
Windows XPsp2 DLLs, all legal, all lovely.

Is anyone else doing something like this successfully?

- d.

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