[Wine] ComGenius application holding us from migrating 100% to linux

Daniel Skov Klejnstrup danielklejnstrup at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 01:45:08 CST 2007

Hi There,

In my company we have almost done a complete Microsoft -> Linux
migration within the last year!

The only thing I need, is to get an application running through Wine!

The application is called "COM genius" and is used to upload codes to
universal remote controls! - I've failed in getting it to run in Wine,
and haven't found a linux alternative (guess this application spread
is QUITE narrow!)

The application itself can't be that special! - It downloads upgrades
from the internet, and communicates with the remote controls through a
serial port!

In order to get this fixed, I may have to upload the application to
the internet - To have people looking at it! - I have made a deal with
the supplier of this product about this, and it seems O.K. to them!

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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