[Wine] all apps are black with nvidia driver

Matthew Reed matty at zootal.com
Thu Feb 8 21:44:52 CST 2007

> What can I say... I have GeForce 7600 256MB, GeForce4 Ti 4600 128MB and 
> even
> GeForce2 MX 32MB and no problems.
> You also should keep in mind that when you use old cards, use old driver 
> as
> well. It isn't worth trying to use new drivers with GeForce4.


I have to second that advice. I've used an old TNT2 and an nVidia Vanta. 
With SlackWare 9 and 10, and whatever version of KDE came with it. Neither 
would work with newer drivers, and I spent quite a bit of time finding an 
old set that would work. I did find an old version that works, and they work 
very well. That is the trick - keep trying old drivers until you find one 
that works.

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