[Wine] TMG -- MS Visual Foxpro errors

Matthew L Reed matty at zootal.com
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I know a bit about FoxPro - been developing apps in it since 1990, have used every dos and windows version that was ever made. What are the specific error messages? Screen shots help, but at the least the text of the messages. Is TMG a commercial application, or can I download it from somewhere?

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  I'd like very much to be able to run "The Master Genealogist" under Wine.  TMG is a MS Visual Foxpro application for genealogy database work.  On my Kubuntu 6.10  system I have successfully downloaded and installed Wine 0.9.30, and then installed TMG ver. 6 including updates to 6.12, the current version.  During TMG installation, there was a problem with a lack of "keyboard.dll", which I fixed, so now there are no errors until I attempt to run TMG.  Upon running the executable, I'm getting Foxpro errors, which are beyond my ability (I'm no CS major).  I've tried both Win 2000 and Win 9x modes -- still no joy.  I think it's close to running, but there is a little "something" that is not quite right.

  Is there a Foxpro programmer on the list who could take a look at the error messages and give me a little advice? I've offered to become the Application Maintainer for TMG if I can get it running stable. There's a huge installed base of TMG users -- probably some would come over to Linux if there was a proven reliable way to run it.


  Donald L. Boyd


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