[Wine] cd problems?

Dan Mead d.w.mead at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 19:31:35 CST 2007

Hi, has anything else noticed that as of sometime late last year games like
jedi academy and call of duty have been broken?

I had played COD1 and JKA under wine in gentoo and slackware for years
but it seems something has changed in how wine does it's cd drive stuff.

I can mount and install either with the installer included with the game
either the loki installer or the normal installsheild on the cd. Everything
installs fine
and it can start via the jamp script. But when I try and do something that
a cd check (create a game or join) it says theres no cd inserted.

(this happens with a mounted cd and/or an iso, and yes the options are
correct in winecfg)

Anybody got an idea? Or am i stuck having to massively downgrade?
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