[Wine] explorer.exe 100% CPU, again

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Feb 13 04:09:02 CST 2007

Tuesday February 13 2007 07:00、Flying さんは書きました:
> Any idea?

	This problem is strange. But of course it is possible to find a solution.
	First, you said some time ago that this problem has been solved. It was 
really solved and everything worked for some time and then broke again or you 
simply didn't pay enough attention for checking this and you don't know? If 
you know then you can try to remember what caused this problem to appear 
	If you not sure was this problem solved at some point for you or not then you 
can try universal solution for such kind of problems - profiling. Don't 
afraid, that's simple. This will give your high chance to find exact source 
of the problem. I assume that you don't know how to profile Wine so here is 
the instructions:

	1) Install kcachegrind.
	2) Execute:

valgrind -v --tool=callgrind wine explorer /desktop=Notepad,800x600 notepad

	3) Wait some time. The more than better. Try to wait 5 minutes for example. 
For better results don't load your CPU with something else.
	4) Open callgrind.out.* file with kcachegrind and see what function(s) take 
so much CPU time.

	Note: there is no need to recompile Wine. You can profile it as it is. If you 
need more help with profiling try "Help" in the kcachegrind (I know, this is 
obvious advice but many users forget to do this so much often; but even if 
you don't - anyway, a reminder never hurts).

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