[Wine] explorer.exe 100% CPU, again

Flying wu_yinghui at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 19:52:35 CST 2007

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> 	I did test this and everything works for me. But it doesn't work for some 
> programs including some cases when I try to run Wine with many games for 
> example (it produce empty file). If callgrind doesn't work then you should 
> use more complex way. I don't know exactly why it doesn't work sometimes but 
> using OProfile instead should solve this problem (or as a workaround you can 
> try to run wine with some other programs under callgrind to see if it helps 
> but there is no guarantee). Go to http://oprofile.sf.net to read more. After 
> using it you can use this command:
> opreport -gdf | op2callgrind
> 	To convert to format that kcachegrind can understand. See "Chapter 2. Using 
> KCachegrind" section about OProfile in the KCacheGrind help for more 
> information.

Thanks, I'll try that once I have time. But at the meantime, I've got an
update for you:

I tried
valgrind -v --tool=callgrind --trace-children=yes wine explorer
/desktop=Notepad,800x600 notepad

Valgrind crashes right after the explorer desktop window was shown (I
can see the window flashes once, then the process crashed).

> 	I understand, profiling may seems to you as a somewhat tricky thing at first 
> glance but actually it isn't very hard after you learn how to do it in a 
> right way.

:) I'll try to learn more. Still reading on and trying out...



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