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Larry Lohkamp loko at comcast.net
Sun Feb 18 17:13:49 CST 2007

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My setup is the standard one generated by the Suse RPM.  The links in
the dosdevices directory for hardware access are owned by root, and
locked to ordinary users. I can su to root and change the permissions.
This allows my programs to access the serial ports, but it is not
persistent. On reboot, the links are again locked. I tried deleting
the links and creating new ones as the ordinary user. Again, this is
not persistent. On reboot, root again seizes control of the links and
locks out other users. Since I am the administrator of this machine, I
can kludge my way around it by changing the permissions every time I
start up the computer, or I can be stupid and run everything as root.
Neither is a spiffy solution. If you know where in the startup scripts
root is making a nuisance of himself, I appreciate enlightenment on
fixing it.


Uwe Bonnes wrote:
>>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Lohkamp <loko at comcast.net> writes:
>     Larry> I have been trying to throw away my dependence on Windoz since
>     Larry> the early Pentium era, but there always seems to be some
>     Larry> essential application that can't be replaced. Currently it
is the
>     Larry> programs that read my blood glucose meeter and an athletic
>     Larry> trainer system. Both of them communicate through a serial
port. I
>     Larry> am currently working on getting the trainer going. It loads fine
>     Larry> and has no trouble running until it tries to connect to the
>     Larry> hardware. I get a program error saying that it cannot find the
>     Larry> trainer. I seem to have the link that points wine to the serial
>     Larry> port device, but the terminal screen fills with 'handle not
>     Larry> found' errors when the connection is attempted. Surely,
after all
>     Larry> the work that has gone into wine, someone has gotten the serial
>     Larry> ports to work.
> I suspect that your setup is wrong. Either the serial port has
> permissions or the link in dosdevices is wrong.
> I suggest you should learn some basic wine debugging. Run with e.g. with
> WINEDEBUG=+relay, pipe the resulting output into a file and afterwards grep
> through the file to find the place where the application tries to open the
> serial port. Try to find out what goes wrong and fix your setup.
> Bye

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