[Wine] Debugging a new app ?

o.oudin at free.fr o.oudin at free.fr
Mon Feb 19 02:58:26 CST 2007


I'm new to wine-users. I'had often used wine with known-working apps, but now I
try to launch Future Pinball (a pinball simulation), see

As it's not work, I search docs on how to debug an app.
My first try is to check that all dll requierd is present in wine (or I'll try
to add them):

I've profiling it on windows xp with Dependancy Walker, so I have dll loads and
calls. Unfortunatly, it's doesn't run (in profiling mode) under dependancy
walker in wine.

Is there a list of all dll builtin in wine, natives present with package, and
natives known working ?

Any suggestions are welcome


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