[Wine] Re: wine-users Digest, Vol 19, Issue 32

maarten Kooiker mckooiker at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 15:47:20 CST 2007

>If your apps work fine, why are you running wine with debugging turned
>on (WINEDEBUG=...)?

For the simple reason that it is easier to find the letter ''o'' in the
first message than in the second message:

1) o

How can you debug a program that doesn't work if the output of your debug is
messed up like in the second message?
Of course I do not run programs in the debug-mode in any normal situation,
but if every non-working program gives you the same (or highly similar)
output, probably you have a problem that is not linked to the real

I'm a rookie, and I understand very little of debugging, but having the
debugging messed up like this leaves me no hope of understanding the process
of debugging in the future...

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