[Wine] help to control linux mail servers

Randall Svancara rsvancara at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 15:46:59 CST 2007

There are not many gui interfaces for unix mail servers and none that
I can think of that use wine.  Look into something like webmin if you
are using postfix or sendmail.  But your best bet is to get a book and
learn command line interface or read many of the how-to's out there.

I am running postfix for several clients.  I am not familiar with
sendmail or QMail.  But postfix is a very straight forward mail
transfer agent.

Linux in a Nutshell is a good book for learning commands.  Running
Linux is another Orielly book that has good information about linux.
I saw the other day that there is a new Linux Systems Administrators
Handbook.  I have the Unix System Administrators Handbook and it is a
good book, but outdated and does not delv into linux as much as I
would like it too.  I think the Linux Systems administration handbook
would be better.  You are probably sharing the mail directories using
NFS or a SAN.  So you will need to get up to speed on those
technologies as well.  Furthermore, you probably have MX records in
your name server, so learning about mx records would be good to know

If I were you, I would look for some mail groups that deal with
sendmail or postfix. There are some very good groups out there with
some very knowledgeble people who can get you started.  Also, I would
stay away from gui tools until you understand more of what is
happening under the hood.  I know the learning curve is painful, but
you have a lot deeper knowledge of what is going on.

I know hind sight is 20/20, but you should have made the "Linux Guru"
leave you with documentation.

You could also provision a fourth server for testing, and practicing,
or another workstation.  This would help you get up to speed.


On 2/23/07, Jose Salazar <jsalazar at carib-link.net> wrote:
> A guru in linux left the company I work for and he left me 3 linux mail
> servers which I am not so confident in using.
> THe company is looking to me to control it, and things are going wrong.
> I know some linux commands but not enough and it is driving me
> NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!.
> Can I install wine on it and use a GUI interface to better control the
> linux servers ?
> Jose
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