[Wine] HoMM 3 - SoD not working under FC6, but does in FC5

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Mon Jan 1 14:24:03 CST 2007

On Monday January 1 2007 18:44, you wrote:
> Yeah, the old machine was a dual PII running at 200-300Mhz. And I suspect
> that only one cpu is really used playing Heroes3. It seems something like
> 10 - 20 times slower under wine.

	Actually this is wrong impression. Simply if game was ran on very slow 
computer it is possible that it even hasn't enough time to update whole 
screen - because it needs update it again! This is why you have such an 
impression. But in fact if it was 0-20 slower (acutally it WAS in older Wine) 
then you will need at least 10-20 more processor speed to play normally (i.e. 
something like 2000-6000 Mhz!). This isn't the case in new Wine. In reality 
DIB is about 2-3 times slower - that means you need 600-800 Mhz processor at 
least. And yes Heroes 3 can use only one processor - but this isn't 
limitation of Wine, it is limitation of most Windows programs.

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