[Wine] Make HFS work with Wine

Rémi pichou pichou59 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 1 10:11:10 CST 2007


first, sorry for my bad english but i'm french

I'm using totaly Ubuntu Dapper for 4 months, and Wine 0.9.9
I would like to submit you a very usefull software for windows and who 
doesn't work with Wine : it's Http File Server ( or HFS for close friends :D 

The HFS developer knows that HFS doesn't work with Wine, but doesn't know 
why, so we need your help :D

A little description for this wonderfull software on the official Website :
"You can use HFS (Http File Server) to send and receive files.
It's different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology to 
be more compatible with today's Internet.
It also differs from classic web servers because it's very easy to use and 
runs "right out-of-the box".

( http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/ )

How does it works : you open HFS, you drag and drop file on the windows, and 
you obtain a http link such as : http://yourip/name_of_the_file.extension ( 
an example on the official website : http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/?f=ss&id=2)
then, you give this link to a friend, he opens the link with his webbrowser 
and download immediatly from your computer !!! (you need to keep HFS opended 
during the transfer, because this is HFS who manages upload ;) ). No ftp 
server, no upload on temporary server !! This is the easier way to send a 
file to somebody else.
Then, you can share folders, you give the link 
http://yourip/name_of_the_folder/ and he can browse the folder and take what 
he wants !!! you can also put password for files, restrict access to one IP, 
you can create individual virtual folders for each people etc......)

this soft is perfekt !!! but doesn't work with Wine

HFS is open source, makes 500 ko and doesn't need any installation : it's a 
simple .exe

So, I think I have said all for this soft
Please give me an answer for my mail, because it makes one month I'm looking 
for help to make this soft works on linux : I asked on HFS official website, 
on Ubuntu forum, on Developperz forum ( I thought that somebody could, with 
sources, make it run, but no :( )
so a little mail : "yes it's possible" or "no, we can't make it run with 
wine" would be very nice !!

but please, give me a "yes" answer :D

good luck for your future work ;)


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