[Wine] cyrillic input err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicode

secretar3000 at mail.ru secretar3000 at mail.ru
Tue Jan 2 00:18:30 CST 2007

I installed wine (0.9.22, 0.9.26, 0,9.8) locale ru_RU.utf8
In all this versions i have bug with input cyrillic characters

when i trying write cyrillic character in wine applications  there are
errors like:

err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicodeEx Please report: no char for keysym 06D7
(Cyrillic_ve) :

this pair line appears for each time when i input cyrrilic character
it recognize correct scan code
but character output is blank

Where can i find couse to fix?

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