[Wine] Re: Dune 2000 - no keyboard response - good rendering speed

Wiebe Cazemier halfgaar at gmx.net
Thu Jan 4 08:10:36 CST 2007

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 00:59, Wiebe Cazemier wrote:

> Hi,
> I've installed Dune 2000 and the 1.06 patch in Wine, and it runs very well,
> except that it doesn't accept keyboard input. It wasn't any better without
> the patch. The entry at the appdb doesn't mention anything about it. Does
> anybody know how to fix it?
> I've already tried changing all the settings on the "graphics" tab
> in "winecfg". Half-Life, for example, also didn't accept keyboard input
> when "allow window manager to control window" was enabled. Disabling that
> option worked for Half-Life, but not for Dune 2000.
> Also, I noticed how incredibly fluent Dune 2000 rendered and responded. Every
> other DirectDraw app I've tried is sluggish, even if only a little. Dune 2000
> had none of that, and I'm very demanding in that regard, so I would have
> noticed the slightest cursor lag. It felt just like running it in Windows.
> How can it be that games like Starcraft and Red Alert run slowly, and Dune
> 2000 doesn't? Don't they all have the problem that they can't use DGA?
> Additionally, I know that for Starcraft a depth conversion has to be done
> (from 8 bit, to 24 in my case), but red alert and dune 2000 are both 16 bit,
> so they both have to be converted to 24 first, which seems to slow red alert
> down, but not Dune 2000.
> I'm using wine 0.9.28.
> Thanks in advance

BTW, when I configure wine to use a virtual desktop (of 1024x768), it works.
But this is not really a good way to play, in part because the mouse can leave
the window (the option in winecfg to prevent this doesn't seem to apply to
virtual desktop mode).

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