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yuheng li yuheng108 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 22:10:30 CST 2007

allright, I will give it a shock, once more thing, how do you save the
console outputs into a text file to upload? or I just need to copy whatever
is on the terminal?

On 1/6/07, L. Rahyen <research at science.su> wrote:
> On Sunday January 7 2007 03:12, yuheng li wrote:
> > well, I would love to help if I can, but the thing is that I don't even
> > know the name of the game in English, all I know was that it's like
> SWD3,
> > but I am sure that's not a name. And I don't know how to discribe the
> > event, I mean it's part of the game, it was like it was playing an vedio
> > inside the game, I don't know what's wrong with it, and don't know what
> to
> > report
>         In many cases reporters don't know what's the problem and that's
> why they
> write reports. So that's okay - just describe as much as you know. If game
> havn't English name then provide it as is. That's better than nothing
> anyway.
>         But even if game name is unknown or tells nothing it is important
> to say
> where your game crashes. For example:
>         "Game crashes when tries to play video (or at least I think that
> it tries to
> play a video - I'm not sure). I attached console output and compressed
> useful
> part of +relay log".
>         Please note that you must post initial message in bugzilla without
> attaching
> any files (because it is impossible to attach files to first message) -
> just
> after posting decscription of your bug create "answer" with attached
> files/logs.
>         Please try this (even if you havn't very much to say - say what
> you know; you
> always can tell more if neccessary later and that's main bugzilla purpose
> -
> collect informations about bugs by sorting corresponding discussions by
> numbers) - it is as simple as writing to wine-users but bugreports in
> bugzilla are much more useful for Wine developers. Wine's bugzilla here:
> http://bugs.winehq.org . Thanks!
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