[Wine] Re: Irish Revenue software - FINAL STORY

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at iol.ie
Mon Jan 8 15:09:29 CST 2007

At the risk of flames, I'll pass on the final story.

Having installed the Irish Revenue Software (ROS) but not been able to
run it, I gave up. 

/begin optional hard luck story

My windows nerd son pointed out that I owned a copy of it and therefore
was entitled to burn a copy (Since he had lost the cd) and came back
with a 718MB bin/cue download :-/.

BIN files are apparently NTFS. Enter a download of binchunker which does
bin/cue --> iso
which weighed in at 625MB :-). But cdrecord 'couldn't fixate' the
disk :-(. So I copied the directory tree (mounted -o loop) over to a
windoze drive, and reinstalled windows 98

237 reboots later, it came up with drivers for the nic, audioo, and
graphics. IE was dead. The opening page came up when opened from windows
explorer, but any subsequent page showed blank. I pointed it at
mozilla.org, and downloaded firefox-1.5 :-D.

/end optional hard luck story

Then I went to install the Revenue software, and found it would NOT
install under windows 98. Instant crashes all round, and all the
java-1.4.2 executables crashed.

Getting on to the site with firefox, however, was different. It
downloaded kcrypto from www.revenue.ie when it was not detected  and I
got to read my mail, which was a reminder to file a tax return :-/. So I
have online functionality in windows, and offline functionality in wine.
        With Best Regards,

        Declan Moriarty.

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