[Wine] Re: "Module not found", using wine-0.9.28

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Tue Jan 9 11:16:12 CST 2007

Paul Fox wrote:
> i've seen various references to this message in the list archive, but
> none which really match my scenario.
> i'm running 0.9.28 on ubuntu edgy.  of course, i'm new at wine --
> so this could be user error.
> i'm trying to install TaxCut 2006, from the CDROM:
>     $ ls .wine/dosdevices/d\:/
>     autorun.inf*  df0000exe.manifest*  taxcut.exe*          temporaryitems/
>     data/         dpro2006.exe*        taxcutapp/
>     df0000.exe*   taxcut/              taxcutexe.manifest*
>     $

That is an unusual setup for a CD. Are you sure that taxcut.exe is what 
you are supposed to execute? What does autorun.ini say?

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