[Wine] desktop double buffering option removed

Ioannis Nousias s0238762 at sms.ed.ac.uk
Wed Jan 10 09:49:46 CST 2007

L. Rahyen wrote:
> Wednesday January 10 2007 10:01、Ioannis Nousias さんは書きました:
>> the "Enable Desktop Double Buffering" option under Graphics->Window
>> settings has been removed in 0.9.28 wine release (and onwards). I was
>> experiencing serious performances issues when double buffering was
>> enabled, so I was disabling it. Now that the option is removed from
>> winecfg, how can I disable double buffering ?
> 	It was removed because it is useless. I has it always "enabled" without any 
> issues; "disabling" it doesn't make any difference for me. Only settings that 
> make difference I did in nvidia-settings. But anyway double-buffering 
> shouldn't give you "serious performances issues when enabled". Please tell 
> more information: what graphics card and drivers (version) you have?
as far as I know double buffering consumes more memory (don't know if 
it's video or system memory though, I presume video-ram). I have a NV28 
(GeForce Go 4200 TI) using the 9631 proprietary nvidia drivers. It may 
well be a driver issue, since it's known that these drivers have a 
broken turbo-cache(tm) implementation. The drivers are properly 
installed and the simple glxgears benchmark reports ~1200FPS (normal for 
this GPU and setup)

I don't have a good set of 3D apps to test. The games I've tested thus 
far fail completely. I've only managed to have 3DMark2001SE working 
(with few hiccups), but I have to disable "double buffering" otherwise 
its rendered useless (it only manages to complete one or two frames per 

thank you,


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