[Wine] desktop double buffering option removed

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Jan 10 12:29:41 CST 2007

Wednesday January 10 2007 15:49、あなたは書きました:
> I don't have a good set of 3D apps to test. The games I've tested thus
> far fail completely. I've only managed to have 3DMark2001SE working
> (with few hiccups), but I have to disable "double buffering" otherwise
> its rendered useless (it only manages to complete one or two frames per
> test)

	Then your drivers is broken - it's definitely not Wine's problem. But anyway, 
if you use NVidia drivers it is very simple to disable double-buffering using 
	Also please do not use new drivers with GeForce 4! At least for me with 
GeForce 4600 Ti I have very poor performance with drivers above 876x (and I 
have recetly upgraded to GeForce 7 only because of this because using old 
kernels isn't option for me). Also do not use new kernels with old drivers 
(for example if you use driver dated 2006 Jan then use kernel dated 2006 

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