[Wine] Running KoolMoves 6.0 beta

Matt Jordan mj at baileyjester.com
Fri Jan 12 11:41:31 CST 2007


I'm running the most recent version of KoolMoves (a flash authoring 
program) with pretty good success but for one thing so far: svg import.  
Import is accurate as far as shape (node placement) but inaccurate with 
respect to color.  Specifically, pure blacks, pure whites, and gradients 
are imported as gray.  I'm able to recolor the gray elements in 
KoolMoves, but the extra step is of course tedious.

This may be a KoolMoves issue, but I did note these sorts of errors when 
running from the console and thought I'd check to see if anything can be 
done about them (me still being relatively new to both linux and wine):

> err:wgl:ConvertPixelFormatWGLtoGLX invalid iPixelFormat 0
> err:wgl:X11DRV_SetPixelFormat Invalid iPixelFormat: 0
> err:wgl:get_fbconfig_from_visualid No fbconfig found for Wine's main 
> visual (0x25), expect problems!
> err:wgl:init_formats Can't get the FBCONFIG_ID for the main visual, 
> expect problems!

This sort of thing prints out constantly in the terminal as I use 
KoolMoves.  What does it all mean and what, if anything, could I do 
about it?


Matt Jordan

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