[Wine] Accessing COM ports

Ian Couchman i.couchman at shirecontrols.com
Tue Jan 16 05:34:03 CST 2007

On Monday 15 January 2007 01:35, Rayne Olivetti wrote:
> I have a windows program that is trying to a access COM port. I actually
> want to forward what is written to that COM port to a file under /dev. How
> can I do that using wine? (or can I do it??)
> Thanks,
> Rayne.

wine uses links in ~/.wine/dosdevices for drives & com ports. Try making a 
link called com1: (or whatever port you are using) to a file which wine has 
write access to. I don't know if it will work ( if the program tries to 
negotiate with the port I would think it will fail) but worth a try.

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