[Wine] www.winehq.com newsletter dead forever?

Steven Edwards winehacker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 00:58:23 CST 2007

On 1/17/07, Kai Blin <kai.blin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I said this before (in IRC, I guess), but I think that WWN could be done with
> a load balancing scheme. Round robin seems to be fine for that. So, let's say
> we get 4 people to do it, then it's one issue per month and person. That
> would be doable.
> Any takers?

I've not been able to actively contribute much over the past year and
due to time and work constraints and could not do it every week but I
think I could commit to once a month. I am happy to give it a shot the
first week in February as I was going to take a few days off work then
and would like to contribute something else back to winehq.

Steven Edwards

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and
that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

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