[Wine] Japanese text in menu is not displayed

Yaohan Chen yaohan.chen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 17:52:32 CST 2007

When launching a Japanese program with LANG=ja_JP wine program.exe, the 
Japanese text in parts of the application isn't displayed. Below is an 
screenshot of wine's notepad.exe, running in the ja_JP locale:


The menu labels should have been Japanese text followed by accelerator keys 
such as (F), (E)..., but wine skips the Japanese text completely. However, 
the Save dialog, also rendered by wine, as well as the title bar of the 
window, which is displayed by kwin, display Japanese correctly. Not shown in 
the screenshot, the Font dialog also displays Japanese text. If I paste 
Japanese text into notepad, it displays correctly only if I select a Japanese 

I also tested with another Japanese program not provided with wine, and only 
the title bar is displayed in Japanese.

Does wine implement font substitution which automatically chooses an installed 
font that contains the glyph to be displayed? It seems that at least the Save 
dialog is implemented with it. But if it's not implemented elsewhere, how can 
I configure wine to use a different font for application GUIs (where wine has 

Yaohan Chen

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